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Air Balloon

Air Balloon - welcome to the world of air balloons in puzzle games online. Air balloons love freedom and autonomy, holding a contempt for any limitation.
All these cute balloons want to do is float around. Unfortunately, they’re trapped under some heavy blocks. Can you get rid of them so they can go free in this delightful puzzle game?
Use your mouse to click on object to remove them to release the balloons so they can float away. Be sure to avoid getting popped!

- The perfect puzzle game
- Speed and skill based action
- Boost your mental reaction skills
- Free to use.
- Amazing physics to perform the best flip trick shots
- Simple quick reflex tapping gameplay but really hard to master.
- Insanely simple and addictive
- Endless gameplay that never gets old
- Tap to play game

Try to save all good balloons and pop all evil ones in this cute physics puzzle game. 5 balloon types with unique skills and 24 puzzles are waiting for you!