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Knife throw game


Knife throw game is most popular android play store game online. Knife throw game online provide more challenges round that more interested to user playing with mind.

Throw the knives into the logs to break them. Cut the apples and unlock new knives. Pass all levels, you will decide when and where to stop.

Be careful not to hit the knives or the tips. Time your actions, aim carefully and become the Ninja knife of game knife throw online.

How to play Knife throw game

Click on the hand with a weapon and pull your finger to the left.

The further the finger is drawn the higher is the throwing power.

The same way adjust the rotation of a flippy knife or an ax to hit the target with the right angle of the blade.

The red arrow indicates the direction of the throw. The length of the arrow indicates the throwing power

Features of Knife throw game

- Unlock different knifes with points!

- One finger control to play avoid Knife hit.

- Simple easy to use with more fun.

- Nice and realistic sounds.

- Free to use.

- Amazing physics to perform the best flip trick shots, knife thrower.

- Simple quick reflex tapping gameplay but really hard to master.

Knife throw game is an online game and allows us to share our scores on individual social networking sites. Ready to enter the race.